Spring/Summer 2017 - Color trends from New York Fashion Week

Editor: Rosy Wong

Seen the NYFW shows, we've got a great idea of what color we'll be wearing in the coming spring/summer—once we finally come out the other side of the cold weather, that is: Below, see the top three color that emerged at NYFW. We know which we're excited to wear—how about you?

1. Is Green the New Pink?
Last December, Pantone had chosen rose quartz as its nuance of the year in 2016 – announced a definite change of direction, choosing greenery, a shade of green with a yellow hue, as its color for 2017.
So, will green be the new pink?
According to the American company that selects a trending color every year, taking into consideration not only trends in fashion and beauty but also those in lifestyle, it seems to be that way.
The reason is that greenery allegedly seems to express the human need to reconcile with nature, finding refuge in it, getting away from the growing stress of modern lifestyle.
And that make us want to give a chance to this beautiful color, the symbol of hope, just perfect for the new year that is just starting.

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2.Pink never fades
Pink lovers, don't worry: Spring/Summer 2017 collections will still feature la vie en rose, and to be honest, green will probably never be the new pink. That's said if you realize you want a green sweatshirt or a green pair of pants, remember that this is the right time to go for it, especially if you keep in mind that green really works with everything… including pink.

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3.Shades of Blue
One of the easiest colors to wear was also one of the most popular across the board this season—which should come as some relief to those need a break from black and white but aren't quite ready to heed designers' calls for orange as a new neutral.From the palest seafoam to the richest cerulean, blues are a tune everyone can sing.

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So which color do you prefer?
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