Party Preparations - Wonderful spice cake with ZAFUL red dress!

Author/Model: @Marta S.
Editor: Rosy Wong

What you most associate with a party? What tastes, smells and colors?

I definitely smell and taste of the spice. Oranges.
Green Christmas tree and striking red everywhere. Eg. From sugar canes.
With Santa Claus hats. And even the cult of the truck Coca-Cola, whose see was one of the biggest dreams of my childhood.

Today I have for you up to party connection - wonderfully spicy Spread the orange curd and red dress, which I fell in love without memory! Dress dress, because the dough wins it all. It turned out incredibly delicious and delicate!
With the perfect combination of spice and orange beats my other cake.
It is delicious, so I advise you to be tempted!
Let me tell you, however, that although the cake seems to be easy to prepare, it was a challenge for me. But it worked!

*Note - cream is very delicate and light, so it must be necessary to cool down before application.

Sponge spicy (small + large)
250g flour (slightly more than a cup)
200g sugar
2 spoons of baking powder
2 tablespoons of the spice
2 tablespoons lemon juice
pinch of salt
7 eggs
tablespoon cornstarch

2 FORMS about 10-12 cm in diameter and 20 cm in diameter.

Orange curd
Juice of 3 oranges
100g caster sugar
Spoon potato flour
50g butter
2 eggs

light cream
200g butter
500g of processed cheese
150g caster sugar
The ingredients must be at room temperature.

Powdered sugar
Sprigs of fir or spruce
True cranberries or red balls of sugar mass (tossed in sugar)
In addition, 4 straws to do frame and stand for cakes on size (you can buy or cut out of cardboard and wrap aluminum foil and edible), spatulas (big and small).

How to do it?
Dry ingredients together in a bowl.
Forms grease with butter, down baking parchment paper. Set the oven at 160 degrees.
The proteins separated from the yolk.
Add a pinch of salt and whisk to obtain a stiffness and then add the sugar gradually and beat until proteins will shine beautifully.
For the whipped with sugar proteins, add the lemon juice and continue whisking add the potato flour. Beat.
Then add one egg (yolk each beat of the protein to the end), and the mass of the egg is ready, flowed through a strainer to add a spoonful of dry ingredients.
To cake did not lose a fluffy, stir gently with a spoon until all the combine.
Ready cake pours into molds, half height. Put in the oven and bake until the so-called. dry stick.
After baking, drop to the floor (with a height of about 50 cm) each of the cakes.
To cool in the oven.

Orange curd
3 large oranges blanch and then wipe them with zest.
Squeeze the juice from them.
In a bowl, beat eggs, add the juice and zest of orange, potato flour, and powdered sugar.
Mix until combined. Stir mixture in a saucepan (on an average burner) until the mixture is thickened.
When it thickens add butter and mix further its dissolution.
Let cool and pour into the dish. Refrigerate.

Cream the butter with powdered sugar.
Add the cream cheese and beat until the ingredients have combined. S-cool.

Biscuits in half lengthwise.
The lower tops put on stands (stands slightly spread with cream that tops does not slip) and spread in the first place cream cheese and butter (along with the edge), a spread with orange curd.
Countertops lodge, spread with cream on top and cool.
After cooling in the middle of 1-floor stick straws 4 (we adjust to the height of floors) and set it on a smaller cake. Decorate.

Bon Appetit!
Do you love it?
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