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Editor: Luna BlanC & Rosy Wong

For the last past few months, we've seen so many bloggers wearing Metal Gold Items!

Metallic luster can always make the dull winter feels fresh and brand new. Without the darkness of black and the cold of white, classic gold and silver can almost suit anybody. 
No matter at any party, it can keep people's eyes on you.

 Photo via @beautyrewritten and @vaidadta

It seems like girls just love the shine and bling staff which will light up the entire daily look, and golden color just matched with all kinds of styles.
We've received lots of tags in our Instagram account (@zaful) and seen lots of beautiful reviews about this chic cami satin dress.

As we realized how much you girls love this chic cami satin dress, we made more colors for this item, now you can see mystery black color, cool silver color, and luxury red wine color options in the product page.

For the new season of 2017, our product department keeps looking for the same chic styles for you girls and we debut our new item - Mini Metallic Satin Choker Dress.
This dress is the continuation of last metal gold dress, this baby still has the trendy choker design, but the color is brighter and eye-catching.

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Let's see how Cristina Gheiceanu said about this dress:
“I had chosen to wear a dress, that has a pretty simple cut. What makes it special, is it’s color. A metal gold that plays so beautiful, in the light. By the way, I think the dress looks spectacular in summer, too.  I had chosen a faux fur above, which kept me warm and that made the outfit look more sophisticated. From what you can see, I’ve learned my lesson with hair. Because it was bad weather, I got it into a ponytail and it looked awesome all day.)”

What's your opinion?
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