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Editor: Rosy Wong

Any beauty lover will tell you, if there’s one thing you cannot have too much of, it’s makeup brushes! I love to find brushes that can make our life easier! The right makeup brush can make all the difference when it comes to perfecting your technique. Whether you're banking on becoming a contour pro, or really just want to get that highlight on fleek, it's all about getting your hands on beauty's best tools and utilizing them correctly. Here are some of the best sets to jump-start a well-rounded collection (Because surprise! We didn't wake up like this).

Let's talk about these incredibly chic designer case from ZAFUL. ZAFUL makeup brush set is cheap in price but made with an expensive quality. Made from synthetic fibers that won't shed on your desk (or face) mid-application — because that happens and, yes, it is awkward — treat yourself to this sample set that gives you a little bit of everything from an angled blush and bronzer brush to a flat angled brush for concealer.Also, The glossy fantastic Appearance of the brush set can be a gorgeous pick to gift a friend (or, you know, yourself).

“And finally I'll blend everything out with this big fluffy powder brush. It feels like heaven on my face.” one of our customer says.

Plus, It's very important to take good care of brushes. If they're not well looked after they will break or brittle, no matter how good the brush is. Brushes that are especially used with liquid products gather a lot of bacteria and can easily be the cause of blemishes.

Depending on the usage of my brushes, we can deep clean them with water and a foaming cleansing fluid around a few times a month. Handwashes, soaps, shampoos, dishwashers are all good for cleansing brushes. When the bristles are synthetic it really doesn't matter how rough the cleansers are, so normally just use a dish washing fluid is ok. When the bristles are made from real hair they should be treated like real hair, so shampoos are an appropriate alternative. However, avoid using shampoos that's too hydrating because this can leave a greasy film on the bristles. If the bristles start feeling a bit rough, use a bit of conditioner on them.It's also important to remember to wipe the handles with a sanitizing fluid because they gather a lot of bacteria aswell from constantly being touched.

When traveling, it's very important to store brushes safely and well because letting them hang around in spacious makeup bags can be very damaging for the bristles. And this cute purple shell bag can help you slove this problem.It can hold all the brushes we need for traveling, it's durable and most importantly it’s so cute and you can even use it as a handbag.

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